Tuesday 1 January 2013

Caterpillar craft for the holidays

Create a Carlos the Caterpillar character
You need:
1 soft green sock

(Ok, I know they come in pairs, so make a friend for Carlos)

Wadding, stuffing or padding

9 purple pipe cleaners

(These are what I used from the $2 shop)

Googly eyes

End Product

View from underneath

No 1:
Stuff sock so that is nice and fat and full.
No 2:
Sew up the end of the sock tightly.
No 3:
Sew on 2 googly eyes at one end.
No 4:
Wrap around 2 pipe cleaners in each segment spot (4 segment spots).  Twist into place and spread to look like legs.
No 5:
Wrap 1 last pipe cleaner around the segment nearest his head.  Twist to make his 'horn'.

Easy, peasy lemon squeezy :)

Take Carlos out into the garden or park and have some caterpillar adventures.  Don't forget the camera!
Put Carlos in different places and make a story or movie of his adventures.

Please post any of your lovely escapades ;)

Mine is coming soon!

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