Sunday 27 January 2013

Book characters comes to 'life'. Meet Andrea the Ant and friend.

Meet Andrea the Ant from the Carlos the Caterpillar and Friends book series for preschoolers.

How to make ants like Andrea
You need:
2 black plastic spoons

3 black (or blue) pipe cleaners

1 purple pipe cleaner & 2 googly eyes

No 1:

Place the 2 spoons end to end ( one is overlapping the other)

No 2:
Tightly wrap around the 3 black pipe cleaners for legs ( and to hold the spoons together

No 3:
Wrap the purple pipe cleaner around the spoons just below the spoon head and bend into feelers.

No 4:
Glue on 2 googly eyes (or if you want to cheat like I did, use blu tack)  
PVA or craft glue is good to use.

Now that you have made some ants quickly and easily, make up your own ant story for saying aloud to your children.  Get them to make up their own story and record it for them to listen to and watch later.  Take photos of your ants in lots of different places and make a family album giving them all names.

How about singing the song from my previous post "The ants go marching 1 by 1".  The words are on that post for you.  You can also see the YouTube of the song with animations.

So many activities with such a little bit of craft!

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