Saturday 5 January 2013

Make your own stories for your children

Making up stories for your children using family members and pets is exciting and stimulating for children.  Children love to hear about themselves and their lives.  They begin to use their imaginations and learn the structure of stories.  All this helps prepare children for reading stories and reflecting on what they have read.
Here is my example using my very own sock Carlos the Caterpillar and my very own cat :)  Puss-E-Cat is a character in my published book 'Izzy the Lizard'.

Summertime Fun with Puss-E-Cat and Carlos

Puss–E-Cat  whiled away the hours, thinking “Ah Summer!  Don’t you just love a good nap in the sun?”

“Come to think of it…..It is quite dry and scratchy here.  I might just go and find a new lush, green place to soak up the sun.” 

 All of a sudden, Puss–E-Cat wondered “What is that funny feeling on my tail?”  Carlos the Caterpillar contemplated “What is this furry lump I’m crawling over?”

Carlos was surprised.  He realised that this creature was moving.  “Be careful,” he murmured.  “This furry lump is alive!”

Carlos was a clever caterpillar though and thought,  “If I’m quiet I might just be able to climb over the top and get away from this creature.”

“Oh No!  I’m being chewed!  Just stay still and play dead,”  the clever caterpillar thought.

“At last …….released……freedom!”

“Phew!  That’s a relief.   I’ll have a little drink.  I hope these lovely birds don’t mind,” Carlos pondered.

“Aaah!  That’s better.  Those birds are very quiet, though.  Where has that furry creature gone?”

“Time for a sleep,” Carlos yawned.  “I think I’ll be a copy cat and soak up the sun on my back.”


Meanwhile, Puss–E-Cat had found a lovely, lush, lazy spot in the garden, soaking up the sun.

Carlos woke up and went to find a juicy green leaf to eat.   Puss–E–Cat was lurking in the leaves!  Clever Carlos decided to leave.  He went to find leaves in other, safer, greener places.

Puss-E-Cat decided to find another nice place to doze, where it was nice and quiet and no pesky pests to bother her.  So she did.

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