Thursday 20 December 2012

Words from our childhood we remember for life

Songs, poems and rhymes that we learn as children, we remember for life.  All of us and our children can still recall the words of "Twinkle, twinkle little star".  It is once again, a timeless simple song and rhyme that seems magical to all who know it.

Christmas is a magical time for children.  Songs and  stories are so much a part of the Christmas rituals.

One Christmas, the kids were doing their usual concert performance for the enraptured, doting family.  One of our children decided to create his own song as a special treat for us all called "The Christmas Dog Song".

He proceeded to sing to the tune of "Oh, Christmas Tree" or the German song "O Tannenbaum".  His lyrics were simple.  "Oh, Christmas Dog, Oh Christmas Dog, Oh Christmas dog, Oh Christmas dog,  Oh Christmas dog, Oh Christmas dog, Oh Christmas dog, ........and on and on and on!!  We kept clapping to indicate the end of his lovely rendition but he hadn't finished!!  Finally he indictated the end of his performance by bowing and we really cheered then :)

The Christmas Dog song became legendary in our family.  Somehow, we seem to forget to remind our son on Christmas day to give us a reprisal of his loved creation.  But we all remember the words!

So a merry, magical and memorable Christmas to you all and don't forget the Christmas dog song! :)

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