Monday 15 April 2013

Clapping and skipping games for kids. Let's get happy clappy and hippy skippy :)

Believe it or not, the beats of language are so important for children's literacy learning.

Children's hand clapping and skipping games are a fantastic way of combining knowledge of words, learning rhythm and rhyme, moving in time to beats, memorising songs and lyrics and motor co-ordination.  All these skills in one happy event.

Here is a YouTube example of a cute and simple clapping game called "Tic, Tac Toe".  It also incorporates the game of scissors, paper , rock which kids love all over the world.

Skipping games have been around forever, all over the world.

I remember playing a skipping game where you were in the middle of the long rope by yourself while people turned it for you.  You jumped and acted out this little poem/song "Teddy Bear"
"Teddy bear, teddy bear go upstairs,
Teddy bear, teddy bear say your prayers,
Teddy bear, teddy bear switch off the light,
Teddy bear, teddy bear say good night
"Good Night"
exit the rope

You do actions to each can invent your own :)

There was another one where you lined up while 2 people turned the big rope and you all chanted:

"Up the Mississippi, if you miss a loop you're out"

You each, in turn, had to run in, do 1 jump, then run out.
Great fun!

Chanting, singing, clapping and moving all at the one time is just so good for young minds and bodies.  It stimulates memory and cues children into words and rhyme.  Motor memory is also great for the brain.

Enjoy being a kid again and teach your children games that they will love and learn from.

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