Friday 23 November 2012

Launching my books for preschoolers

Hello and welcome to my Blog.  

I am excited about being able to communicate with parents and early educators, all over the world, about the joys of early literacy learning.
I have written 5 children’s picture books for 3-5 year olds specifically to help parents get their children ready to read in a fun, stress free and easy way.

They have been written so that parents can teach their children Phonological Awareness skills before they go on to Phonics.  The great news is that Phonological Awareness is all about having fun with language and sounds and words.  It is not drill and practice learning.  It is about genuine language interaction with young children.

We are having a book launch and I am ‘giving birth’ to my ‘babies’ on December 8th. My website will be live then too.  Check it out at

So come and join Carlos the Caterpillar and friends on a journey of discovery about how words and sounds work in English.

Fiona Murray

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